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When the annual cost of employing a substance abuser can exceed $7,000, companies need a superior line of defense to ensure they do not hire a substance abuser.  Adding pre-employment hair drug testing to your current drug testing program provides your organization with unparalleled protection from hiring a substance abuser. 

hair testing

Problem: Substance abusers may abstain from drug use 3-5 days prior to applying for a new job.  Once they have been hired, they begin drug use again. 

Solution: Companies can implement pre-employment hair drug testing and examine a 90 day window of past drug use.  Drug users typically will not discontinue their drug habit for a 3 month period in order to pass a pre-employment hair drug test.

Benefit: A company can significantly reduce the number of drug users it employs by implementing pre-employment hair drug testing.  Thus saving approximately $7,000 annually per drug user that is not hired.

WPCI offers hair testing using the latest testing methods.  Hair testing is used
and accepted by companies across the nation.


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