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Drug Testing Services

WPCI offers a wide range of full service and 100% compliant drug testing programs and services. We are experts in both DOT drug testing and non-DOT drug testing, and offer full Medical Review Officer services. WPCI also has extensive experience with drug testing in schools and can help to implement a drug testing program in your school. That means that no matter what business you're in, WPCI is your complete drug testing resource. Get in touch today and let's talk about how we can help.

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100% Compliant Drug Testing

WPCI has been in business a long time, and we've seen it all. We know the rules, and we know the pitfalls, so we can help your business navigate the often confusing and complicated world of drug testing. Being 100% compliant means that when you work with WPCI, you can rest easy knowing that your business is following all the rules. We often get calls from potential customers who think they're already in compliance, only to have WPCI reveal areas of non-compliance.

DOT Drug Testing

We know the ins-and outs of the Department of Transportation drug testing laws, and we stay up-to date on the latest changes so that our customers in the transit, shipping, and aviation industries always know that their business is in compliance. With our leading MRO services, WPCI can get your drug testing program on auto-pilot.

MRO Service

The quality of the Medical Review Officer in your drug testing program is often the difference between having a successful drug testing program and a failed program. WPCI's MRO services leads the industry, and ensures that your company's drug testing program will be a success.

Instant Oral Fluid Testing

Instant Oral Fluid testing from WPCI can transform your business. From a vastly faster hiring process, to a faster and more accurate response to workplace accidents, Instant Oral Fluid testing is already changing the drug testing landscape and WPCI is at the forefront. WPCI Instant Oral Fluid testing is accurate, fast, cost-effective, and can be administered by your staff with minimal training.

School Drug Testing

Schools are starting to implement some of the same proven testing techniques that have made workplaces safer places to work for the last 20 years. But navigating these waters can be challenging in a school setting and you need someone with proven experience who can guide you. WPCI has just the experience you need when planning your school testing program.

Our Service Is Second To None

WPCI believes that the customer is king. From your first interaction with WPCI, and throughout your company's drug testing program you'll feel the WPCI difference. If you've used another testing service and been frustrated with long wait times and poor communication, give us a call and discover the WPCI difference. We consistently hear from our customers what a pleasure it is to work with WPCI and we're confident you'll agree.

"We chose WPCI because of the personal approach they offer. They recognize each customer has their own unique needs. They did an excellent job at providing the drug and alcohol testing services we needed."