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Employee Communication

Are you communicating your company's drug-free policy to your employees effectively? It's not enough to have an effective drug-free policy at your workplace, but you need effective strageies and tools to communicate current policies to your employees. WPCI has decades of experience in crafting effective drug-free policy, and also in setting up strategies to communicate drug-free policy to employees.

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A Drug-Free Policy Isn't Enough

Creating a written drug-free policy for your workplace is a key first step in a drug-free workplace. But just as important is an effective communication strategy to be sure that employees have easy access to the policy. And it's not just courtesy to your employees, but certain communication steps can be legally required in your area.

Drug Free Workplace Training & Materials

WPCI can provide drug free workplace materials and will work with the company to determine what type of materials should be distributed. WPCI can also provide live employee training, either on site or via WebEx, covering departmental policy and the health issues related to drug and alcohol misuse and reasonable suspicion.

Decades of Experience

WPCI has decades of experience in assisting companies of all sizes communicate their drug-free policies to employees. Work with WPCI today to get your communication strategy in-place so that you can effectively enforce your workplace's drug-free policy.

Communicating With Your Employees

  • Sending a company-wide email isn't enough!
  • Communicating changes is just as important as communicating new policies.
  • Communicating well in advance of policy implementation and policy changes will keep lines of communication flowing.
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