Competent Medical Review Officer

Medical Review Officer (MRO)

WPCI is the only full-service Medical Review Officer provider in the country. Our goal is to provide you with the best MRO services for your drug testing program.

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Medical Review Officer as a Member of Your Team

The role of a qualified Medical Review Office (MRO) in a substance abuse testing program is vital to the overall success of any such program. A MRO not only oversees review of negative laboratory results for accuracy and completeness but also reviews documentation for possible collection or lab errors. The MRO will personally interview all donors with positive laboratory results and then perform a review of all pertinent medical information before making a final determination that is reported to an employer. This is a vital step in protecting employers from making false accusations of substance abuse. It is critical to select a highly qualified MRO service to make any Drug Testing program a success for employers.

WPCI employs the services of several MRO’s located throughout the country. A unique and secure web access allows each of our AAMRO certified doctors to review testing documents and lab results during the interview process from wherever they are located. Results can then be immediately recorded into our database. Our MRO’s have a combined 30+ years of experience dealing with drug testing cases. All of them are full Medical doctors and receive regular training and access to professional industry literature. These strong credentials assure our clients of expert interpretation of all testing results and situations.

Benefits of choosing WPCI for MRO Services include:

  • Easy Access to AAMRO certified MROs
  • 24/7 Availability of MROs for donors
  • Expertise with questions/concerns about the testing process
  • Expert Testimony in court cases
  • Single point of contact for any non-negative test
  • Expertise with DOT Part 40
  • Familiarity with Random School testing
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