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Policy Development

A clearly written drug-free policy in your organization is the first step towards a successful drug-free workplace program. WPCI has decades of experience helping companies of all sizes develop clear and understandable drug-free workplace policies.

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You Need a Drug-Free Policy

Many companies assume it's enough to simply tell employees they require a drug-free workplace. Or worse, they assume employees understand a workplace should be drug-free. The fact is companies need a clear and effective written drug-free policy in order to form the foundation of an effective drug-free workplace policy.

Companies Need a Clear, Effective Drug-Free Policy Manual

WPCI has decades of experience in crafting effective policies that take into account local laws and drug-testing requirements. WPCI can also help you to communicate a new or changed policy to all employees effectively, avoiding problems with future enforcement. A drug-free policy doesn't have to be long and complicated, but it's important to get right the first time.

All Bases Covered

No matter if your business is in transportation or not, we have the policy experience you need. We offer compliant policies for all DOT modes: FMCSA, FAA, PHMSA, FRA, FTA and USCG as well as state specific Drug Free Workplace policies.

Why Do You Need A Policy?

  • A written policy may be required by law in your area. WPCI can tell you for sure.
  • A written policy makes future enforcement of violations possible. If you don't have a written policy, enforcement of a drug-free policy simply isn't possible.
  • Employees will appreciate knowing what's expected of them, but employees also like knowing their co-workers are held to a specific standard.
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